Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

Xanax is widely approved treatment for men and women around the world who go through advanced anxiety or panic symptoms. Its classified into a group of medicines known as benzodiazepines. Even though generic Xanax is generally considered to have low chances of addiction or dependence, Xanax abuse is a very realistic and serious issue. Unlike other stimulants Xanax has a very rapidly acting high. Also it has very strong sleep inducing ability. So drug abusers usually fall asleep on consumption and have no memory of it when they awaken. As a result they desire more and more Xanax. Because the effects of Xanax high rapidly disappears from the body.

Hence abusers take more Xanax to experience the high again and again. But you have to remember that Xanax should be taken if and only if prescribed by your doctor. It’s a prescription medication for patients who suffer from anxiety issues. Alprazolam works directly on the central nervous system and has sedative, hypnotic/anti seizure properties. If you decide to stop taking Xanax suddenly then you will experience Xanax withdrawal symptoms.

Common Xanax withdrawal symptoms include

Heightened anxiety
Suicidal tendencies

Withdrawal from any medication is deeply painful and difficult to go through and Xanax withdrawal symptoms is no different. You must avoid taking Xanax in combination with other medications or alcohol.

Xanax and alcohol should be avoided at all costs. They are both depressants on the central nervous system and could cause severe lowering of the heart rate. Small quanties of alcohol with Xanax will not cause any reaction. However large quantities of alcohol with Xanax can prove to be very dangerous. The chances of overdose will increase dramatically. Also ensure that you hurry and contact the nearest medical professional if you exhibit any overdose symptoms.